Bunnies. It could be bunnies.

December 15, 2008, 3:37 pm
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?


May 28, 2008, 3:00 am
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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

easter bunny
March 24, 2008, 9:00 pm
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it has been a very confusing weekend for me.  first of all the weekend usually lasts only two days and not four.  it’s like there has been an extra weekend added onto the end of the first one.  not that i mind because i’ve been able to come out and play almost every day.  apart from one day when the humans went out to do something called seeafilm and something called action stations.  they talked about spiderwick from the seeafilm when they got back.  i think it involves books because they had bags full of them.  very confusing indeed.

the other thing that is very confusing is all the humans have been hopping about and making human noises about something called choc-o-late and i’ve been given a new job.  i’m the easter bunny.  horray.  unfortunately no-one has told me what i am supposed to do as the easter bunny so i’ve just been hopping about and chewing and digging stuff like i normally do. 

the little humans have been very clumsy as well.  tiny tasha is the smallest big one and she nearly fell on me, the biggest little human who is called snarly kept jumping out from her hiding places and scaring me so much that i had to run away across the floor.  the floor keeps magically transforming into ice as well.  you may think it’s funny seeing a bunny skid about when she’s trying to escape a scary human but it’s no fun not being able to get a grip, i can tell you.

this easter bunny job is quite tricky.  good thing i get the rest of the year off.

Brainless dolts
January 29, 2008, 1:57 pm
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A cat tries to help out and what do I get?  Abuse.  The foolish large human was taking the small humans out of my home yesterday, probably to buy me more food or treats, I don’t know.  I had noticed that the stupid oaf had failed once again to empty my toilet.  What was I supposed to do?  These brainless dolts cannot understand the richness of feline language and I refuse to lower myself to their level.  Instead I chose to demonstrate my dissatisfaction by emptying my bladder on the hall floor.

I thought that the oaf would be pleased.  Instead he shouted and ranted at me using his brutal human language.  Well, that’s positively the last time I try to help.  Ungrateful peasants! Pah!

Chew toy
January 14, 2008, 11:34 am
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By Sapphire

the smallest big person in the house is cross with me and everyone else is laughing at me.

i don’t think that it’s my fault though.  honestly, the humans let me run around the house AND* they let me nibble on food sticks in my house.  i’m not to know that the white string that goes to the talking box is important. 

it was only when the smallest big person wanted to talk to her friend in the talking box that they found out that the string was broken.  big guy and riz’s best friend pulled up some carpet and unhooked some string that wasn’t being used anymore.  i could have helped with the unhooking but they sent me to bunny prison.

it’s just not fair.

on the positive side though riz is my friend now.  she likes it when i come out and play and we spend ages and ages running round and round the furniture playing chase.  sometimes i have to wake her up for play time and she pretends to be grumpy.

*anya helped me with the capital letters.  it’s very difficult to shout when you’re a bunny and even harder to type.

By Anya

Cake Worm, the human who is the best friend of the amusing feline, keeps feeding me through the bars.  Snarly, the oldest of the small big humans, keeps putting her clothes through the bars.  Until I have an eye test I’m really not responsible for biting things that get handed to me.

By Riz

If that damn bunny wakes me up one more time I’m going to eat her.

let it snow
December 17, 2007, 12:17 pm
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my snow has gone.  the big guy and missus big guy got the hooverator and the fun broom and took all my snow away.  i tried to help and managed to save a little snow under the curtain.  i’ve spread it around but it’s not as much fun as a whole room filled with snow.

missus big guy says that polly styrene is difficult to get rid of.  i think that she must be one of their human friends.  she might have visited when they had people over.  there were lots of people and it was quite noisy.  i had to cover my bunny ears.

one of the little big humans made some funny noises yesterday.  i’d just woken up and was doing my stretches and yawns when the cake worm human came in to visit.  she gave a little eek and ran off screaming about teeth and monsters.  i had a look for them but they must have been really good at hiding.  maybe as good as i am in at hiding in my snow.

if i wish hard enough do you think that i’ll be allowed to have some more snow soon?

December 7, 2007, 12:17 pm
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hello peoples, saff here.

the big guy is ‘working from home’ today so i’ve been let out to play.  i’ve got the whole house to explore.

so far i have nibbled a handbag that was lying on the floor, a big bag full of plastic snow, a really interesting game that i wanted to play and some welly boots.

i do like being free but i’m going to have a nap now.